Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pillow, beans and mums................

 Happy Birthday Greg! I made him a pillow with heir brand Callies Farms. I love that red background fabric. I got it at the new quilt shop in Hill City Hill City Mercantile.

 Finished up the beans.

 When I walked back home the sun was shinning on the mum plant and it was so pretty. Pictures just can't show everything:(

 Don't know how the mum pic jumped ahead in line. This is Greg's broken thumb. He can open the little cap to give himself a ultrasound treatment to promote bone growth. Hope it helps.

love mums..................JMF


Sara said...

Your mums look beautiful. Don't you just LOVE the vibrant fall colors?

I've never seen a cast like that with a little trapdoor. Interesting.

Moneik said...

The mums are beautiful. You're the winner of my think pink book, but you're no reply blogger, so please email me your address and I'll get the book out soon. Thanks, Moneik -