Saturday, October 19, 2013

New mineral bags, pillow and more.

 Delivered this to the new owner yesterday.
These little aprons turn out so cute ( if I say so myself!:)
 The new gray mineral bags!!!! You know there is something wrong with yourself when this excites you!!

 We had a booth this weekend in Sioux Falls at the Ect Expo for Women. I mean alot of women!!!
 You can find the SD Cattlemen's women on facebook too. We had bibs and oneise for sale they are on facebook too.
and that's my camera strap!!................JMF


Fran said...

I just finished teaching a class on making totes out of bird seed/dog food/kitty litter/chicken feed bags made of this woven Tyvek-like material. Yours are fancier than mine, and they are adorable. They have a multitude of uses, garden produce, weeding leavings, wet clothes, kid's toys, carting stuff to and from lessons at the LQS.

Ranch Wife said...

That is the cutest little apron! I'm thinking you need to start up a shop! Very cool pillow with the brand on it and I have always loved those bags!