Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A drive through Custer State Park

 After our Crazy Horse walk we drove back to Rapid City by way of the wildlife loop in Custer St Park.
 The buffalo where all up by the corrals as they had just had the round-up on Fri. There were a few bulls out on their own.
 These 2 were out by themselves.
 Then came the burros and donkeys going from car to car hoping for a treat!
 No treats here!!!

 See ya later.............
 The red dirt, one time I took some from behind a hotel we were staying at thinking I could dye some fabric with it. It turned out a light color not what I wanted. But then I didn't really know what I was doing either:)

 Of course the buffalo.
 Even tho we have some they are so neat to see. It never gets old to me.

 We saw a few antelope.
 Another one on the wrong side of the fence. He kept pacing back and forth we found they do like to stay together. like sheep!
 This guy was out a ways but when we stopped on the rode he started our way and just kept coming.
 I guess he just wanted to cross the road.
Next stop Wy..............JMF

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Sara said...

Hard to believe you took these beautiful pictures so recently and right before that devastating snow storm.