Tuesday, October 22, 2013

snow and thumb????????

 This what we woke up to today. Snow I was all gone by the time we got home in the afternoon, back to green grass.

Not alot but just a hint of what is to come I'm sure. I am not ready  for the cold and snow.

 Greg getting his cast cut off...ouch not really she's pretty good at it.
The xray a total of 7 screws in there:) and the metal plate holding lots of pieces together. Put another cast on and come back in 3 weeks then maybe a splint that he can take off to shower. The Doctor said he is  growing bone it just takes longer when you are OLD!!!.........JMF

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Sara said...

that xray looks a lot like my daughter's lower leg. She still ha 8 screws in it. But her orthopedic surgeon is considering removing all of the hardware because it is causing her so much pain and swelling after 6 months.

Makes me shudder! Hope that thumb heals quickly.