Friday, October 4, 2013

Mount Rushmore is not closed on this blog.................

 I made this baby quilt for Josie the baby of 2 hunters!!
 Maybe she will be a hunter  someday too.
 After the family reunion on Sat we headed out to the Black Hills just in time to go to bed. But the next morning we were up and going.
 On our way to Custer state park by way of Mount Rushmore. Just drove by.
 It's something to see when you come around the corner and there they are!
 All different angles.

 Even President Washington's profile:)
 Sad it is closed now.

 There was arts and crafts fair at the State Game Lodge in Custer state park

I think Greg might try and make me a shelf like this one.
More travel pictures to come...............JMF

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