Sunday, October 13, 2013

Aprons, Estate sale, and I forgot about the rock!!!

 A western shirt gone apron. It is a little cuter in person:)
I don't know how all the western fabric gets into my house but it does!! Maybe I have a cowgirl fairy Godmother!

 Last month when Carrie, Rachel and I went to Sioux falls we stopped at a estate sale I had read about on Facebook. I got this pot.
 Can't find any marks on it so don't know if you can put it in the oven. I don't think I would anyway.
 He was there to so had to go home with me. I got a few other thinks too, but no pictures of them.

 This wasn't at the sale it is a birthday present from Jared's family.
 Now for the rock when I got to the car after our Crazy Horse walk I said to Greg I got a rock and he said I did too. Great minds work alike LOL
My rock is outside this one just hasn't  made it our there even tho it is by the door and we both walk past it many many times a day:) There is a huge container of rocks in the gift shop take if you want style. Of course they are from the blasting of Crazy Horse. I also bought a book there Crazy Horse and Chief Red Cloud, maybe there is a book report  coming to a blog near you soon:)........JMF

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