Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chicks, chickens, calves and buffalo............

These little chick were out in the calf yard they blend in with the mud!
 We now have all the calves home steers at Jared's and heifers at our place.

 Looks like they had a good summer with plenty to eat:)

 Lucas' chicken herd really grew over the summer. Between his incubator and the hens that hatched chicks he's up to 39 head!!

 Our only baby buff. He or she was along the road when I was going home.

 I bet he's a he alright.
 Squash anyone??

Greg would like them out of the garage it's like a maze to get to his pickup.
I have to get my poinsettia in the house and my aloe plant, before it gets any colder. The garage is finished so they won't freeze. I think the poinsettia is going in the basement and then it will be in the dark every night so maybe it it turn red by Christmas I'll let you know..................JMF

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