Saturday, October 5, 2013

The hike up to Crazy Horse.

 We stopped for gas in Custer they have painted buffalo around town.
 While Greg was getting gas I took these pictures. This guy was in front of a little church.

 That's the goal.
 Here we go. This is the 1st time they had the walk up Crazy Horse in the fall.
 This trail doesn't look to bad.
 Are we there yet?

 Pretty scenery on the way.

 Follow the green ribbons.

 I'm still going. They had 4 check points we rested at the first one, and got cold water at a couple.
 That's the trail.

 This was Greg's idea he said " should we jog the last little way?" me "sure" I took this picture then jogged the few yards to catch up then we collapsed on a rock and had to sit for awhile. One of his dumber ideas:)
 made it.

 view from the top
 We looked at him and then both said to each other He has a Hall nose!! That would be my nose:)

 A couple asked if Greg would take their picture so he did with their phone and when the guys looked at it all he saw was his wife he wasn't in the picture!!! So I took the next ones for them. They took ours no close ups please! Crazy Horse is leaning alittle.

 Oh and it was alittle windy up there. A few gusts sent everyone running.
 This was on the way down.
 Greg bought a chance on this. They drew the winner Thursday but haven't called us yet:)
Someday this is what the Crazy Horse Memorial will look like. Mount Rushmore would fit in his head! It will be years and years before it's done. Their are 8 people working on it year around as weather permits.
It was a 6.2 mile hike and yes our legs were sore the next day................JMF

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ytsmom said...

Good for you, and what a view!
That alone made the hike worth it!