Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fabric from Hill City

 I bought the pink,gray and black floral fabric in the new quilt shop in Hill City The picture doesn't do it justice.
 A black vintage button also bought it in Hill City.
 The Sturgis fabric I got at a vendor's booth in Hill City also not sure which one tho.

 Our  stray cat.
 Patches on John and Lucas' jeans.

 This one pretty much needed new legs but it was his only pair of chore jeans if he didn't get them patched he would have to wear camo all the time!! No I didn't buy his story but patched them because he had a good story:)
This isn't a stray cat it is Lucas' Rock the Bomb Ship yes that is he name and I am told he travels to 5 surrounding farms, but once he got beat up at one of them so Lucas is not sure if he goes back there. I guess ours in on his route cus we see him once in awhile...........JMF

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Sara said...

Love those aprons. My sister-in-law works at that new Hill City shop, but I haven't had a chance to visit yet. I've heard they have a nice selection of fabrics.