Thursday, March 3, 2011

Putting the quilt puzzel together.

I worked on this during Oprah yesterday, then we watched Survivor in the basement, and taped American Idol upstairs. I know we are addicted to these shows!! So I finished laying out the pieces during Idol. That is tough watching TV, looking at the graph of the quilt, and finding all the pieces laying them out but tada!!!!!!!!!!!
Somehow I managed. Now I just need a volunteer to bring the pieces in order to me to sew, and then take them back to where they should be. I'll be waiting for my phone to ring........and waiting.....and waiting!!!
 The propane tank looks the same dang it I WANT SPRING.
hang in there it will come JMF


Mary said...

I volunteer---but I'll need instructions!

JMF said...

You are hired!!