Monday, March 7, 2011

Explosion at the Feldhaus home....

Explosion???  really just a potato in the just cleaned oven!! Really I just pushed a button, and the oven cleans itself, but come on... I got it cleaned out tho started by wiping it out then decided to use my little shop vac that was the trick, cleaned it right up. Then another quick wipe down mess cleaned!
Sewed the last boarder piece on this afternoon. Now I'm thinking I should just quilt it be continued.
I don't even want to talk about it.
Had out first calf Sun morning Greg named her Sarah cus she was born on daughter-in-law Sarah's birthday. Had few more today. Small calves and heifers go together!! Pictures coming if I ever brave it past the mailbox.
life is good   JMF


Mary said...

I had the same meal for dinner today-9 ppl. UGH! btw-it helps if you poke the taters before u bake them. ha

JMF said...

I thought I did must have missed one.
some else told me that too!!