Saturday, March 12, 2011

My day as Jared's replacement!

This was the most fun of the day playing with the pups for 5 minutes.
Jared and family were in Aberdeen for Johnny's wrestling tournament (which he won one lost 2 so done for this year) So that's how I became Jared's replacement which I'm sure I was maybe a 10% replacement!!
After changing into warmer boots I was off to open gates for Greg.
The bulls smell breakfast.
So now they are happy.
One last goodbye by as I close the gate.
This is just a cute picture. I don't really remember what came next. I know Greg got up at 2:30 to check and I woke up at 3:30 and he wasn't back yet that's where the cell phone comes in handy. I called him and he had just pulled a calf (mom and baby doing fine). Then he was trying to pen up some pairs so good bye a few minutes later I heard a big crash from the pole barn that he was in across the road called again, and asked what was that....wild cow I'm leaving her alone. So that's when I decided to get up and make the ham and bean soup....done Greg in, back to bed. He  gets up I think I will get alittle more sleep then did I say that cell phones were handy I changed my mind they are a curse. Come help me pull a calf..again mom and calf doing fine. So from there is was feeding, putting in heifers that were calving, more feeding, more gates to open, and close, and the cycle continues with me banging my head on the steering wheel of the tractor ouch!!! someone laughing at me someone punching the laugher. Went home made a cake from the pioneer woman site Cherry cake, pretty good. Dinner break then out a couple of more times. Jared called he's almost home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank the good Lord!!
fall calves
Babe the pig.
I think I will sleep good tonight. Going to see Carrie and kids tomorrow.

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