Monday, March 14, 2011

My ham and bean soup.

 At Mary's request. I use smoked ham hocks, or smoked pork chops, or a picnic ham( they are kinof salty tho).  Any ham would work. When I used smoked chops I browned them with the onion  for the flavor.
I always add afew potatoes, carrots, and celery. Then just open a jar of beans from Rustys white or the colored dump all in the crock pot, and let it cook. I like  to have it on high for a few hours then put it on low. I think the longer it cooks the better. Oh I also put a couple teaspoons of liquid smoke in to.
 I had a good visit with Carrie and kids on Sun. Lucas and Johnny went to. This is one of the wall hangings I made for her birthday just a preprinted panel just quilt and bind! Here are the rest of them. She has  a good spot in her dining room to hand them I should have taken a picture there.
Rachel started singing the 12 days of Christmas when she saw this one so I thought I wouldn't have to try and come up with all 12 things she got to the second one, and said "that's all I know." I think we got them all figured out tho.
I made one for Sarah's birthday too but couldn't find it on the computer I'll keep trying tho and post it later.
Fun day and ice cream stop on the way up and back. I'll never tell who had 2 ice cream cones tho. His mom maybe won't let him go with me again, so mums the word!!!
bedtime JMF

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Mary said...

Thanks for the recipe!! Maybe will make tomorrow. Also, hopefully next winter I can start my quilting lessons. Luv what u did for Carrie.