Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guess who I saw out the window????

A ROBIN spring is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I rode to Mitchell with Greg yesterday he dropped me off at Pennys while he did his thing. Got some bargains called Carrie when I saw these on sale.
$159.00 for $27.00 She said Rachel needed these for next year to buy them for her pants and boots for everyday and a good coat. Not much for boys on sale tho.
It was 69 degrees in Mitchell but as we got closer to home the temp dropped at least 10 degrees or more.
  Here are a few pictures from on our way home really just on our road.
neighbors pasture lots for the cows to drink but what to eat. It was bad last year too. We also had a pasture we had to abandon last year.
The ditch at the end of Jared's driveway. When we were kids we loved all the water we would round up boards and make rafts but mostly I think we got wet, but it was fun.
this is the culvert south of us
This is the other side of the culvert. It's always amazing how fast the snow melts it seems like it will last forever, and then one day you realize it's gone. Enough about the weather pretty soon I'll be crabbing about the heat or the humidity for sure the wind.
yummy but now I have to walk walk walk.........I think it is time for coffee and a (if I don't say it that means I didn't eat it right?)
enjoy the day  JMF

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Mary said...

Maybe time for a coffee party & rolls!!! How about it Sue!