Friday, May 3, 2013

Shirt apron and a MESS..........

 I made this out of one of the shirts I made the Pony Tails quilt with. Lindsey and the kids were here the other day so it went home with her:) I still have scraps left of the shirts and have plans for them.
 You might want to look away on these next few pictures unless  you have a  a strong stomach!!!!!!

 This is my sewing area in the basement. It was such a mess then I pulled more stuff out when I started to clean up trying to get it more organized. Which I am doing it is just taking a long time. I even gave some fabric to Goodwill. I hope that's not a sin:)

 What a mess! When I get it all cleaned up I am going to keep it that way.....LOL
 A tote of  to dos. Several just need backings and quilted, some hand work which I already finished one, and working on another.
 I started this many many moons ago like in years. I really want to get it finished.

 This one too I think I should hand quilt them but don't know if I want to tackle the big one.
So I have showed you these pictures so you can keep me on track so if you see me ask me if my cleaning is done yet!!!!!!!!!! I wished I could show a cute little sewing/ craft space when I'm done, but that's not happening!!!!!!!! I could never keep it up plus I have way to much stuff for a few cute little containers. That doesn't mean I don't love and look at all the pics of such spaces on pinterest I just know it's not going to happen:)..................JMF


Sara said...

Your sewing space and mine are similar. I did get one small area under control today and it felt great.

Love that first flower appliqué quilt. Very pretty and looks like the perfect UFO to start with.

Janet said...

It always makes me feel better to see some else's mess. lol Don't we have fun tho. I wish I had a basement and all that space--I would just have more stuff than I do!! Isn't it fun to see what we tucked away. It's like having a new shopping trip. Good luck with the organizing.