Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rain and projects

 This is what Greg and I put together the other night.
 A Murphy bed or some call it a wall bed. Now I just have to get a mattress for it. I could have gotten one from the same place as the bed, but that would have been to easy! (dummy me)
 It is a queen size. I am thinking a wall hanging in there and a quilt on the mattress when I get one:)
 This deer looks alittle shaggy, and thin. There are 5 or 6 that live in the trees behind the house, so we see them almost every morning and night. Although this one was here around noon.
 Praise the Lord we got 2 inches of rain yesterday, and it is raining as I type this.
 Now the guys are all excited about getting cows and calves to pasture! Ordered the vaccine yesterday so it will be a go when the weather permits. I know 2 boys who will be very happy this weekend:)

 Mud it's a good thing!!!!
Now I will be mowing the yard in a few days, and I'm not even going to complain:) soon I will plant my garden too. Squash, pumpkins, snake gourds, cucumbers and maybe beans. Lucas if you are reading this that's our job next Wed when you are here!!......................JMF


Carol said...

Love the picture of the cows in the pasture with Belleview church in the background!

Ranch Wife said...

Love the Murphy Bed, but I'm even more excited about the rain!!! I tell myself the same thing when I have to mow...don't complain. I mowed all cotton pickin summer about 4 summers ago and yes, I complained. Now, we're so desperate for rain, I promised never to complain about mowing again. Bet it's already getting green in your neck of the woods!