Saturday, June 9, 2012

 My newest apron. I am in trouble  they had a sale on equilter so the UPS man delivered a box, not a padded envelope a box.........
 The next week I rode with Greg to look at some sprayers, and wouldn't you know the town had a quilt store. Guess who sat in the pickup until the moment she rang up my purchase.... So then I heard really that little bag cost that much.......... Yes dear that's why I try to shop the sales:)
 We went up to Fort Sisseton for their fort days, and ranch rodeo. Matt's family met us there. So we had a good visit with them. We don't see them enough.

 I made this for Matt and Kari over 10 years ago.
 Finally the buffalo were up by the fence so I could take pictures from the safety of my car!

 when you see a buffalo with it's tail up like this one you better be in a car or a very fast runner cus she's getting upset!

 Fri Mary, Jean, Sue, and I went to Platte for a fun day of friends, food, and shopping and more food:)
 Here we are at Molly's Manor where we had a delicious lunch and tour of the bed and breakfast.
back row Marla, Mary, Jean, Paula (Marla's mom)
front row  Sue, me, and Shirley her daughter Jackie had a ready left. Every picture of me on my camera had the big glare on my glasses:(
 Donna at the manor was so nice and such a good cook and hostess.

 The buffalo were up by the fence to greet me as I got home. Well maybe not greet she was getting her calf up to walk away from me.
I'm sure she said get up there's the nut with the camera again........JMF

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

Oh! I really love that apron! You are really cranking them out! The boot wall hanging is darling too! I have some boot Christmas stocking patterns and I'm thinking I could make a wall hanging like that with one of them. Hmmm. Glad you were able to get away and enjoy a day of fun with the girls!