Thursday, May 31, 2012

Races, and more

 The SD Cattlemen's Auxiliary 7th annual Beef Night at the Races at Husets Speedway.
 Our beautiful "beef girls" handed out coupons for free hamburgers and rib eye sandwiches. I'll have to devote a blog post just to these awesome girls:) We had lots of giveaways prizes and food. It was a fun night. We even stayed for the whole race, which wasn't to hard when we got to set in the VIP indoor seating!!!
 Got an order for a buffalo pillow. It's in the mail Ashley thanks!
 My cucumbers are up, and my Teddy Bear sunflowers.
Hen and chicks are doing good.
 Right after I took this mom and baby flew I hope baby can get back in the nest............sorry............
I haven't planted many flowers this year.
beautiful sunny day today.............JMF

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