Thursday, May 3, 2012

Brookings quilt show the end, and one more thing:)

 Cute Christmas quilts
 This beauty is my favorite one........oh I love pink:)

 It's just to stinking cute. We were admiring it when a gal came along and said it was her sister's quilt, and that she had dirt in her teeth cus her sister left her in the dust when it comes to quilting LOL
 More pheasants

 I wonder why no one has offered to make me a star yet???

 I like the trees too.

 I think I could make this one. I have alot of the same fabric.

 Who's that? Shirley, Paula, and me.

 The end................. wait what is that???????
My new mud boots!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much. The cows think I am really cool now.........JMF


Jan-Maree said...

The quilts are lovely - thanks for sharing BUT I LOVE THOSE BOOTS!!!!!!!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

LOL! Well the last pair of mud boots I had dry rotted before I could use them! However, they were not nearly as fashionable as yours are!

Mary said...

Those boots are TOO nice to wear in the mud!!!

Sallie said...

LOVE those boots! Enjoyed the quilt show, too. Thanks for sharing!

Judy Laquidara said...

There they are! I saw them on Karin's blog earlier this week and ordered a pair. I love them already and can't wait to see if my chickens even notice them!