Saturday, May 12, 2012

birds, gifts, and cookies

 The gold finches are back!!
 My Mothers day present from Jared, Sarah and the boys, Grandma's rules! I saw they were down to the shop the other day I think this is what they were up to!! I just love it. Remember boys it says Grandma's rules so I'm pretty sure that means I'm the BOSS!!!!!!!
 2 cookies cus that's what my mom always said "2s the limit" To bad I can't hear her say that now when I eat to many:)
 Lucas collected the rocks one day washed them, and put them up on the mantel. The faith sign came from Matt, Kari, and kids for our anniversary. I bought the cross at Hobby Lobby 40% off.
 I made cookies this afternoon. Instead of adding all the flour I added 2 packs of the oatmeal pictured below.
Maple and brown sugar, and to be honest I think I will always eat my oatmeal in a cookie from now on:)
 Happy Mothers Day from me...........JMF

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