Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chickens,and another apron

 They let the chickens out!! They just stay around the yard and go back to their house at night.
 The dark one on the right is Robin because she has a red breast like a robin. According to Lucas:)
 Lucas just gave them fresh water.
 There's Farley in the background, he and Suzie don't seem to care about the chickens. Suzie keeps the labs out of her territory so no casualties yet.

 Here is Lucas' cat herd 6 kittens the grays are Larry Moe and Curly (guess what movie they just went to?) then there's Snowball and Whitey.
 My aloe plant is out of control again. I got this as a small plant when we went to Texas in 2007. That is the big part now she has a bunch of babies. Anybody want one?? Please....
 Just finished this apron. It took me awhile a new pattern always does. I should make it again so it sticks in my head:)
hope we get rain tonight.....JMF

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