Saturday, May 26, 2012

Aprons, soap, and calves..........................

 Here is my newest apron. I love the western fabric!

 A simple gathered bodice apron.
 Woolly soap. Charlene showed us how to make it in Quilt guild the other night. I bought along some buffalo hair to put on mine. That's the brown it's the under coat and is real soft.
 I think everyone had fun making and learning a little about wool:)

 The squirrel was brave the other day, but he was just looking for a drink, there was water in the overflow of that pot.

 When we were checking cows the other night this calf was having fun.

 His mom just kept plodding along.

One last look back and they were gone...........JMF


Dirt Road Quilter said...

Cute, cute aprons! You are a master apron maker. I have a few on my list as well. The difference is; you actually get yours made!:)How cool is that soap?! I would have loved to have been there for that. I always love it when the calves are frisky and kick up their heels. They are so funny.

blissfulsewing said...

Cute,cute!! I who wouldn't love it!