Thursday, May 17, 2012

A strange man in my kitchen.....what?????

 So for awhile now I have been taking Greg his breakfast out to him while he feeds. Which is can I say this?? A kink in my morning coffee/computer time:) You see he has made his own breakfast for 40 years. Anyway all of that just to say I watched the buffalo gate when I was delivering the egg, bacon bit, cheese sandwich the other day.
 I snapped a couple of pictures we should all be able to kick that high in the morning!!
 The bull is still in the feedlot he'll have to go back to the pasture this summer. When he sheds the rest of his winter hair he will be a slick dude.
We have 3 baby buffalo I need to get a picture of them.
 Here is an apron I made for ? Later I hope to have pictures of her wearing it. I just love it. It is a combination of 2 patterns I have, and sort of a copy cat of one I've seen. I have another one started I think I will do the bib part a little different.
 Do you think she sees me up on her deck??
 crap she does.........
 Gotta go!!
 Working calves today in the wind and dust. It was awful. Finally later in the afternoon I couldn't stand it anymore I got in the shower, and it never fails the phone rings. I didn't get out to answer it, so when I did get out with a towel wrapped around me I walked out of the bedroom to check the caller id and there was a man standing in my kitchen!!!!!!! After a little scream... I think I scared him. He said he rang the doorbell and yelled in the door so he was going down the basement to work on the water softener when we surprised each other. He turned and was leaving,  I said the stairs are right there go on down!! What a day..
more cows and calves to's a good thing....JMF

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