Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brookings quilt show.

 Paula And Shirley came from Platte to go to the Brookings quilt show with me. We got the last 3 tickets for the luncheon and speaker Joen Wolfrom.  She said we need luster and luminosity in our quilts! She was good at it but I'm not sure I will be! Very good, but big meal, yes that is cheesecake you see in the picture!! It was good!!!!!!! We got that fabric covered notebook too.

 Their quilt must have had a pheasant fest:) There were lots of pheasant quilts. I think I got a picture of all of them. They were all different.

 The squares on point were cut from embroidered dish towels. It was made as a keepsake for Grandma (I think).
 This quilt show had the most animal/wildlife quilts I have ever seen at a show.

 The horse boarder around the yellow and brown star quilt above.

 I have that native American fabric would anyone want to make the star for me??:)

All for today I will post more from the show another day. I have to go finish trimming before it rains. The sun is shining, but I hear thunder.

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

Thank you for sharing all of these pretty quilts with us - lots of inspiration and you're right, I don't see too many animal-wildlife quilts either. Rain? What's that?