Friday, May 11, 2012

Cows and calves

 Time to start taking these little doggies to pasture!
 We had the calves in one trailer and the moms in another. The calves had to stay in the trailer til we got all the cows there.
 It didn't take to long and moms and babies were reunited. This picture I took just holding the camera taking pics as I was watching and counting the calves coming out of the trailer. Of course I was one short, I swear I didn't take my eyes off the calves to take a picture. Good thing we had 2 counting.
 Happy in their summer home:)
 The next day I rode along with Greg to feed, as I was promised I would have great picture taking opportunities of the calves running and playing while mom ate.
 Done at the fall calving pasture now on to the main herd.
 We're waiting.............
 This is pretty much as close as it got to running and playing. Notice the dirty windows I tried but it didn't work to take pics through the windows.

Jared came along and was going back to our place with the trailer, so guess who got a ride home? I had to get dinner started anyway. Greg said they ran and played after I left. I'm always a day late and a dollar short.............JMF

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