Monday, November 19, 2012

Sewing, and more.............

 I finished the last 2 crayon aprons I had cut out.I only have one box of crayons left.
 Another vintage button. I think it came off a coat if I can remember that far back!
 Deer camp complete with heater, popcorn, pan to pop it in, granola bars, cards, to name a few, you would think he would be gone for days!! To bad he got his deer the first day, an average 4 point buck. I'm sure John or Lucas will go sit one evening with Papa just to watch for deer while eating popcorn, and playing cards.
 Our new backyard visitor. As long as he stays on the wild side I will leave him scraps once in awhile.
 The little white church on the hill:) I took this picture from our yard. Love my camera!
 Lucas stayed with me on Sat while everyone else hunted. I got a lot of sewing done. The bag has a flannel baby blanket, burp rag and toy colt in it.
 taggies I need to get sewing up some of the fabric that has been here for to long.

 This was a flannel panel so there is a picture on each side. I just cut and folded so the ribbons are just on 3 sides. They are bright and cheerful so hopefully some baby will like them!

 These have a small fleece blanket and horse in a small kid friendly toy bag!

 Lucas played and did a few crafts!
 In school the kids made gingerbread houses out of cardboard boxes, so when he saw all the crayon boxes in the garbage he made one for Papa. That is papa and Lucas on one side......
 and Papa and Lucas in the deer camp camper!
 He made on for mom dad to and put candy kisses in them. We both kept very busy:)
 game cam possum in the back yard yuck!
Happy Thanksgiving!    JMF


Karin said...

Y'all's deer camp is much more luxurious than ours. Actually 'deer' camp is just out the door on the ranch, but 'Elk' camp is packing a camp in on horses and a tent. Do y'all make jerky? Between the beef, elk, and deer - my freezer is packed to the gills.
Looks like you have gotten in some productive sewing time - I rescued some mineral bags and hope so stitch a couple of bags soon - I love the ones you have made.

ChatterBlossom said...

That crayon apron is adorable!!
Found you through the hop and am your newest follower,

Isobel Morrell said...

Nice post - just found you on the blog hop, and dropped by to thank you for co-hosting and will follow you to see how the rest of the deer hunt went!

Hope to see you back at soon. Meanwhile all the best for the upcoming holidays. Isobel