Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A hodge podge...

 I made 2 crayon aprons with this fabric.
 lunch time!

 I'm lovin my new camera.
 It seems he is always fixing fence.

 These are neck coolers. They have some beads that swell up when you soak them in water. I read on one blog you can put them in the microwave and use them for heat too.
 2 more crayon aprons. I was smart and cut out 4 all the same thread change every apron:)

 Then I was on a roll and made an apron too.
 My 20 year quilt a yo yo quilt. I took the yo yo bag to town yesterday when I worked the election from 7 to 7 and got some more made.
 So when I was cleaning my sewing area I put the yo yos back in the tote I found $59.00 in it. I wonder how many years it was in there???
 You know what that means more fabric.....yes!!
 I sewed alot of them in the car it's an easy project to take and to sew on the go.
Some one always has their butt in the way!!
Good news..........NO more election ads LOL............JMF

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Karin said...

LOL! I wish my totes would grow money like that - what a fun surprise! Oh my gosh! Look at all of those yo-yo's! I love it! I always take hexies everywhere I go - they add up. Love the neck coolers too - I'll have to remember that. Fence mending is always on our list too - it never ends.