Monday, November 12, 2012

Backyard game cam

 Their water is frozen today. I'll have to put some in so they can have a drink before it freezes again.
 Same old squirrel! John and I were out there getting the disk out of the game cam, and he picked up a piece of corn to show me how the squirrel just eats the middle, and throws the rest on the ground. Smart kid:)
 They come almost everyday.
 2 raccoons hope they are just passing through.

 While I was working on this I noticed these deer out the window, and wondered what had them shook up and then there he was...

The THIRTY POINT BUCK!! well minus 22 points.

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Sara said...

Wonderful wildlife visitors. The deer are entertaining to watch in our yard too. But I have not seen a spectacular buck like that one this year.