Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter feeding and more finishes...............

 Oh the fun of winter feeding! The guys are glad to have a warm tractor to be in.

 The cows are glad for the feed hay and warm silage.

 The fall cows and calves are waiting there turn on the other side of the road. They are out of the wind in a low spot.

 It is cold today the bulls are behind the wind break laying in their bedding.
 Some more finishes. I made a baby blanket a few years ago and it had a doll blanket version so
1 finally quilted it.
 I can't decide it I am going to hand quilt this or machine. Just a sneak peak! I am sure this is from the 90s.
 Another wall panel done. The full view was blurry and these are sideways!!!
 You will just have to turn your head:)

 OOOOhhhhhh she's so cute. I am a sucker for panels... I was just looking at some on equilter the other day but I didn't order any......Really I didn't cus I thought I'll see if I can find them in a fabric shop:)
I hope you like this one Rachel cus it's coming to your house!!!!.............JMF

1 comment:

Sara said...

Love those chickens! So cute.

I remember the kitty fabric. I think I made some pillowcases with that fabric for a little girl. Wonder if there are still scraps left in my stash?