Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter Fun..........

 Now that Kenny fixed the Internet connection on my computer I can post to my blog again!!
 We went out to Rapid City for the Black Hill Stock Show. Before you get there a MUST stop is Wall Drug in Wall!!! Not for gas or anything like that but for Wall Drugs...........Doughnuts not just any doughnut just the best doughnut in the west:) Thanks to Loren and Marlene for turning them on to us. Who knew we stopped there alot when we go to the hills, and I don't remember having a doughnut  before we ran in to them and had coffee with them.
 We didn't get to see Trevor they had a mini NFR on Tues night . Matt and Kari were there tho, and said it was awesome. Maybe next year.
 We went to the Rodeo Thrus and Fri night. The clown was pretty good. This blow up suit was hilarious .

 Getting ready for the fight with the cowboy.

 Didn't take long.
 Here he is. I think he's a up and coming Flint Rasmussen if any of you are familiar with him. He travels with the PBR only now.
 The entertainment trick riders.
 Thurs night was Tough Enough to wear Pink. If I remember right they raised over 60 thousand dollars.
 Sat Paula and Gary and us drove to Edgemont to what else the quilt store Nuts and Bolts! Lucky for Greg and Gary there was a store in the old bank  called  The Gun vault. I know I said I wasn't going to buy anymore fabric but...............let's forget I ever said that.
 Pretty scenery on the way there.

We ate here. Then back to the  Deadwood Grand to the Phil Vasser concert.Good concert!!!
Tomorrow It's church in Spearfish and go west young man I mean old man and lady!!!!!! to be continued........JMF

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Sara said...

What a fun winter getaway! You're right - the donuts at Wall Drug are fabulous. It's a favorite stop for us too.

Did you stop at the new Hill City shop too? Called The Mercantile and my sister-in-law works there part time. I haven't been there yet, but hope to make that trip soon.