Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Going West..............

 We saw alot of gas, coal and not sure plants like this on our way west. Lots of trucks hauling natural gas too.
 Lots of little ranches tucked in at the bottom of the mountains.

 Fun to visit but don't know if a flatlander could live there!!
 Plenty of  coal trains too.

 Open water that they didn't have to use an ice auger to open:)

 Lots and lots of Elk we must  have seen 1000s of them. Only one with big horns though.

 They had enough of us taking pictures of them.

 I should have been taking notes of what river I was taking a picture of .
 Greg spotted these Eagles on the ice probably eating a fish there was open water just a few feet from them.

 Only 5 miles to our destination. This is the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner MT.
The park sign I take most of my pictures out a moving car so this is as good as they get. LOL
to be continued again................JMF

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Sara said...

Yellowstone is on my bucket list of places I still want to visit. Beautiful photos - even from the car. Enjoy your trip.