Monday, February 24, 2014

From Yellowstone's wildlife to ours...........

 The cows in some corn stalks. They are finding some to eat besides what the feed wagon brings them.
 On the cold days they like to stand in  the tall rushes.
 As for our other wildlife this one can move on. No possums allowed.
 The sky brand pillow.
 With barbed wire to keep the cows home:)
 Tootsie the little cattle dog!
 Checking for new calves. This coming week might be tricky with the cold weather. Good thing they have a warm place to stay in.
 Another unwelcome site. My little trees are ate up enough. We watched him jump into the pail of corn. I guess he could be the Easter bunny:)
 Another finish just in time for Easter. The binding fabric is from 1999 I bought it for Carrie's wedding decorations. Does fabric have an expiration date????
I hope not........................JMF

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Sara said...

it's a good thing that fabric doesn't have an expiration date isn't it? I got a kick out of the bunny in the corn bucket. We have a very active rabbit population in our yard this winter but it's the deer eating our young trees. We had to wrap them from the ground up about 4 feet.