Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just animals today..............

 I see this little bunny every few days. He still jumps into the pail of corn but soon he might not be able to get out!
 It's been a long cold winter. The cows and buffalo seem to be surviving fine.
 They need bedding to lay on.
 Good feed.
 His beard is blowing in the wind:)
  A wind break is always nice too.The fall calves will have plenty of hair to shed when it warms up.
 This is one of the 2 cats we see and feed by the house.
 I couldn't see if she/he caught a mouse or what. She was interested in something.
I heard a cat meowing up by the house early this morning. Their food might get a little father from the house!!!
Today is Ash Wednesday we don't buy pop to keep in the house anymore, but when we go out we get it. No more for me that is what I am giving up...................JMF

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