Monday, March 10, 2014

Sewing and my Monday..

 Just a hint at something I got finished. Love  the bike and the little hedgehogs!!

 What a beautiful day on Sun. Went for a walk with Sarah and Lucas (on his bike)
 The calves were just sunning them selves. Tonight when the snow comes they will have a nice bed of straw to lay in with a roof over their heads. I heard it might not snow here tonight!!

 Something I am working on. I sewed on it Sat Lucas stayed with us instead of going to the wrestling. We did several things including watching my favorite movie Old Yeller!!
 Today I am driving the pickup with 9 cows in the trailer to Madison. I'm taking these pictures on the go.

 I can take them on the go because the go is real slow because that's Greg in front of me taking the combine to Madison.
 After about 10 miles of this he  calls and said go ahead of me!!!!!!!!good
 I made it to the sale barn now I just need someone to backup for me! Thanks sale barn guy!!

I meet Greg here then on to Dell Rapids to get my head on straight Thanks Dr. Seth!!!........JMF


Sara said...

While in Dell Rapids did you also visit the quilt shop?

Seems like all the animals were enjoying the warm sunshine today and yesterday. Hope we don't get more snow. A little rain would be OK.

Ranch Wife said...

Your babies have a nice warm place to begin their lives. Ours just have to tough it out. Hope we don't have any arrive today - the wind is blowing solid at 50-60 mph. Looking forward to seeing your farm quilt - that's such a cute line. I still have another panel stashed away. I'm glad we can just pull straight through at our sale barn because I can't back up a trailer to save my life.