Sunday, March 23, 2014

Carrie's Birthday.

 Carrie and the kids came over yesterday to celebrate her birthday!! She probably wouldn't care if I shared her age, but I do!! I got the box 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby. Wishing I would have gotten more.
 It is so pretty and not need to wrap just fill it with gifts:)
 Here is one of the 2 table runners I made her. Of the hundreds of pictures I take there is not a one of the other one I made. Maybe because I finished the night before she came.

 I used the leftovers to make a mini one.
 These were started as a calendar wall hanging in 1996!!! Now they have life!!!

 I only have 6 months of them done. Ran out of supplies so now I will be forced to go back to Hobby Lobby.LOL
They look nice in her big frame. I tried to get the kids to sing happy birthday to her I have to say it was pretty lame:) I even tried to encourage them like " Now really bring it home at the end!!!"  Maybe they are just really shy well behaved kids...........or.................

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