Sunday, March 30, 2014

Carrie's wall hanging.

 More snow and  more snow coming.....I am ready for spring.

Carrie and I made this wall hanging in the late 90s!! I got mine finished and gave it to a friend for Christmas. Carrie's just got finished a couple of days ago! I've had it for awhile and was suppose to quilt it finally got it done. On the bottom it says We saw his star in the east& have come to worship him.Matthew 2:2

I still have some of the fabric!!

 The pattern is by Jill Fischer Morris MN. Quilted Blessings. I think she was in Madison at the quilt show doing the program or trunk show. I know I had to order the pattern but got the Springtime one so she sent me the Christmas one for no charge.

I never made the springtime one.Maybe sometime what's the rush the pattern says 1995!!!

 My visitors the other day.

 He was walking down the road in front of the house. Looking for spring no doubt:)

Today I am going to wash that window!!!................JMF

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