Friday, March 7, 2014

Birthday present...

 It was our DIL's birthday yesterday so  I made supper for them. I also made this messenger bag for her. I got the fabric at the Nuts and bolts fabric  shop in Edgemont SD. A few posts back I think I told about us being at the Stock Show and one day we dragged the guys on a several hour trip!!!! At least I made something with one of the yards of fabric I bought!!!
 I quilted the heck out of the front and back panel like bobbins full of thread quilting!!! It was just fun mindless sewing:)

 The back of the book bag for the Librarian.
 I think this is the first store bought  apron I have given her. I love it.
This is the first time I got a picture of both of our wild cats. They better stay wild  cus ones a boy and ones a girl. Greg said they were getting alittle too friendly with each other.....................................wild kittens?????????........JMF


Kathy S. said...

The messenger bag is gorgeous! I love the fabric that you picked--perfect for a librarian! Is the pattern online? Thanks!

Sara said...

Very cute bag and apron. Bet she loved her gifts!

Must be spring if the animals are starting to feel romantic. :-)

Ranch Wife said...

What a great bag! I really like that fabric and I'm betting she loves the bag...and the apron. Anything with a chicken gets my vote. And kittens? They will earn their keep keeping down the barn mice.