Tuesday, November 5, 2013

PBR finals

 We went to Cowboy Church Sun morning at the Thomas and Mack. Jody Newberry talked about his experience in bull riding and the miracles that made it possible for him to be alive today. JW Hart's wife sang that was good too. After church we got to see all the bull riders walked the blue carpet!! I didn't get pictures of very many of them.This is Ben Jones.
 Mike Lee he had his little girl and boy with him. They would stop and take pictures with the fans or sigh autographs.

 Hey there's JB.
 He needs to raise his hat up a bit hard to get a picture! My first favorite bull rider was Chris Shivers many years ago he was just a young kid when he started, and now he's married with 2 boys. He retired a year or 2 ago.

 JB and Silvano the number 1 and 2 for points.

 Lots of people but not full.

 And the winner is JB insert screaming ,yelling, and clapping:)
 On our way home.

 It was good to get home. Greg was home for a short time and then right out to the tractor to bale corn stalks. Vacation officially over!.......JMF...............

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