Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Xray pillow.................

The blue jays and squirrels getting their corn... winter's coming!
He looks nice and plump:)
I had a guest photographer  with me the other day when we were once again moving cows.
 Notice the red cow that's his (so he says)!
 She is only one of the 2 red cows we have, the other one John claims.

 Getting a drink. I think for a 7 year old Lucas has promise of becoming a famous photographer. Maybe I can say I knew him when he just got started!!

 Those squirrels keep sneaking in here....
 I got this nice shirt at Goodwill in Mitchell and cut it up and turned it into an apron!
 American Red Cross button. No idea where I got that.
Steady!!!!! Cutting the cast off. The gals there are so nice and Greg really likes that the one grew up on a farm so she'll ask him about what he's doing on the farm. Plus she never cut him once LOL !!

 Here is Dr. Timothy LeeBurton's pillow! I printed the picture of Greg's xray on fabric ironed on to freezer paper then set it with a hot iron. The screw fabric I got  in a grab bag from Hill City. At the time I thought when will I ever use fabric with screws on it. The button looks better in person bad angle. I think the Dr liked it and his nurses and cast girl thought it was cool. I told the Dr it is so he can always remember his ornery patient:)
 Who would have thought fabric with screws on it would get used on a pillow of a thumb with screws in it???JMF

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Sara said...

that pillow is hilarious! You could not have found better fabric if you had tried. Love it