Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring time...............

 This is the oil shed as we call it anyway. I think it will be a perfect building for a barn quilt!! If there is no machinery parked in front of it you can see it from the house. I will post my barn quilt.....I'm sure in the distance future:)
 Plum blossoms.
 They are in a grove of trees we planted when we first moved here.
 On my walk the other day.
 2 of the new bulls this year.
 This little calf is so cute...
The 77 is his mom's number and the 7 means he was born April 7th, the mark on top is some code the guys have like orange yellow or red white. I guess there aren't enough different colors of tags:)........JMF

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Sara said...

A barn quilt - how fun will that be!! Your farm may become a destination for people looking for barn quilts.

It's fun to see the codes folks use on ear tags. Ours was very similar.