Thursday, April 23, 2015

Indian Princess Quilt..........

 I finished my Indian Princess quilt!  I decided to name my quilts after reading another gal's blog that always names her quilts!! I told Lucas that it is my quilt and that's me and the bear under the quilts is papa. He said that the bear was to little to be papa:)
 The pics are awful I told Greg other quilt bloggers have their husbands hold the quilts up outside in all different locations to get good pictures of them!! I will post the pictures we take..............someday:)
 The calves get a sled ride when they are a day or 2 old to a part of the pasture fenced off from the ones that haven't calved yet.
 open the door.....
 and out they go.
 I tired to get a good picture in the sunset, but with black cows that won't pose it's a problem:)

 We have 2 sleds so if everyone cooperates it's alittle faster.
 The bales in the background have a electric fence around them, that way the calves can go and lay around the bales if they need protection from snow, rain or wind.
 Sue and I went to Madison to the college to give Beef Buck to the students. It didn't take us long to give away several hundred dollars worth of them..
Thanks to the Beef Industry Council and our check off dollars the kids will be eating beef on us:)
We had a survey for them to fill out and all but one ate beef several times a week.. Beef it's whats for dinner!!!.........JMF


Sara said...

Enjoyed the calf moving photos because it brought back some great memories of the farm in our early married life. I always liked calving time.

What a great idea to give away Beef Bucks at the college. I did those as stocking stuffers for our adult kids a couple of years ago at Christmas. It was a popular gift. I may have to do it again.

Chloe said...

I loved seeing all the photos in the pasture. I love to see baby calves this time of year.