Saturday, April 11, 2015

The old is new again..................

 I'm not sure how old this building is. It was here when we came on New Years Eve 1977!
 We have painted it several times and like lots of old buildings it just doesn't last long. Over the years we have talked about tearing it down, but just because it was ugly didn't mean it wasn't useful:)
 The call went out and now 3 buildings are on their way to a new and improved look:)

 I didn't realize how bad they looked, you just get used to it.
 Hard at work...hang on!
 Whatch got there???
 my calf
 You can leave now we are just fine....A few days later that area was fenced off. It's wet and rough and dangerous to be out there with a grumpy momma!
 Nice window:) Dang I bet the old one is long gone, I see lots of cute things on pinterst with old windows.
 They cut the upstairs floor out so now a tractor can be put in there.

 It's coming along nicely.
They should be done this week...........JMF

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