Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The test continues.

 Maternity ward full again. They sure like it there tho.
 They get moved home to the pole shed and hoop barn for a few more days then out they go.

 The calves at Jared's have shelters and there is always calves in them.

 Straw helps until it gets snowed on.
 The view of the pastures just waiting until I can take pictures of the tall green grass!!!

 Hundreds of birds out the window the other day. I don't think they like the wind and cold either.
 The calf burrowed down in the snow to get out of the wind.
 This looks better but if they can get dried off and suck shortly after birth they can stand alot.

 The set up at the calving pasture. It's the Dr's office/ operating room and the hospital.
 Gotta have water.
 No it's not the attack of the locusts  someone just needs to wash his windshield:)
 From his birth spot he gets a ride to the calving barn.

and then there will be mud, but first 6 or more inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. I am proud to say the guys are passing this test with an A+ lost a few calves, but have had 6 or more sets of twins so we are ahead................JMF


Ranch Wife said...

goodness! That's a lot of snow...and a lot of twins!

Janet said...

Looks like we are doing the same things and surviving it. Looking forward to green grass and sunshine now!!