Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Stuff................

 The guys have been out all day with the cows and calves so I went to the sewing room and made this little doll:)
 I got the pattern free at ithinkisew. I think I will make more!!! It's just raw edges so was easy to put together. A felt face and hair.
 I'm not sure which birthday I gave this to Johnny but he was little. I got jean from his 2 papas, and 2 great and papas, Johnny's jeans and  his dad of course.
 It is his tractor blanket. He always wanted to go with them but then couldn't stay awake, so he slept on the floor on his blanket.
 Then when he got to big Lucas slept in the tractor on it.
 One day Greg was putting it down for Lucas and had it on the other side so it was smooth, and Lucas told him that was wrong to turn it over!!
 I made these awhile ago and am going to donate them for door prizes.

 The cat hadn't been around for awhile, but was back yesterday. I was taking his/her picture out the window of the house, and she was staring right at me. He's a wild cat and will run into the trees when I come out to throw him some scraps to eat. Then when I'm in the house he comes back.

 I don't know it they are brothers or husband and wife!! They don't get along, and don't look at each other:)
 More snow and rain coming this week too. Right now it is cold, rainy, and windy, but looks clear to the west so I hope it gets here before dark.
I think I heard the tractor gotta run................JMF

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Janet said...

Great pictures! Pretty kitty.