Friday, April 5, 2013

Wagon Wheel Quilt

 I pieced this quilt around 5 years ago, and just got it finished.
You would have thought it must have been huge to take so long to finish. No I just really take my time:) I quilted it with embroidery thread in a primitive style or in other words big uneven stitches. My wagon wheel must have traveled many a bumpy rough trails because it is no longer round!! I love it tho:)...JMF


StasaLynn said...

Ohhhh.... it is precious.... I love the primitive style quilting and piecing.... I love your quilt!

Ranch Wife said...

Yes, but you have also created about 1000 aprons and various other yummy projects in those 5 years. Great quilt - I think the quilted wagon wheel is perfect - great detail!