Saturday, October 3, 2015

I'm alittle behind on what's happening at the old ranch............

            I finally have most of my sister's fabric made into pillows. This one was a wedding present for Waylon and Jackie:)
 The back I love the fabric!
 I look through my pictures and realize I could have wrote a blog post several weeks ago. I don't have much to write about.
 Thanks to the silage crew they made short work and a big pile of feed for the cows this winter.
 These pictures remind me of the Ranch Wife's blog they went to Zimbabwe Africa.
 If I could just  cue the elephant to walk across the picture I could really pretend I was there with her:)  Here's a link to her story. It's not a 10 part story like I suggested to her but go check out the awesome pictures and great information on the area.
Lovin life at the end of dirt road

 It was windy for a few days so didn't get the silage pile covered right away.
 My trail of pillowcases for the safe house in Mitchell.
 This is a picture of a picture so a little grainy plus it's OLD Greg and I in the early 70's
 The calves are weaned and vaccinated.

 Fall cows are almost done calving.

 I sure kick myself for not picking this cute pumpkin pallet up the other day. I know where it is tho:)
 Combining beans what a dusty job.
 This was a first for me. I was walking the other night and had my camera when I heard the buffalo bull having a fit. Well he was guarding one of his cows from his other guy!
 Are you looking at me???
I was surprised when they butted heads but the Char bull won and didn't back down . The buffalo had to move on. He was probably embarrassed when his cow followed him a few minutes later loser!!!................JMF


Sara said...

As always your photos are such an interesting glimpse of the farm, including the bulls. Wow! And I got such a kick out of the old picture from the 70s because it looks like a few pictures we have from those same years.

Ranch Wife said...

Cute pillow! I have some of that fabric in blue - I love it too, but I haven't used it yet. You're calves look great and it looks like y'all have been busy farming. are ALWAYS busy! And yes! That photo DOES look like Zimbabwe!