Monday, October 12, 2015

This with a little of that and an apron or 2................

 Sarah sent me a request for an apron made out of the leg of a blue jean. This is the first one I made, I used a pair of my jeans. It was to narrow for a adult so I gave it to Rachel.

 I used Greg's jeans for this one and it was just right. As I look at this picture I think I cut the first one out wrong!!  That's why it turned out to narrow oh well it will work for Rachel!!

 The calves are all settled down in their new home:)
 They have all the feed and water they want. Someone to give them silage every morning, shade in the afternoon no complaints here.
 Caught me with feed on my nose:)
 I can still see you there...why are you taking so many pictures???

 We have  a guy that walks through us every night to check us for any trouble, and if he finds anyone that's not feeling the best he makes us better in no time:)

 Lazy afternoon.
 I made this bag for a  garden gal we visited last week and when I say garden I mean GARDENS!!!!
 We came home with potatoes, squash, peppers pumpkins and more.
 Sarah's pumpkin made  from stuff around the farm. Pretty cute:)
 I've  been getting a few eggs from Lucas' chickens they are getting to good a hiding them tho!!
 I guess the buffalo are on a fall calving schedule too. We now have 3 new calves.

 Hope they get to get alittle bigger before it gets to cold.
 Geese are flying over head most evenings.
 Yesterday's dust storm it was something else. John, Lucas and I got caught out in it on the 4 wheeler.
Greg's family had family pictures taken a  few weeks we are!!! I'll share a few more later..................JMF

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