Sunday, November 10, 2013

Backyard wildlife and more...........

 Coyote caught on the game cam. Pretty close to the house too.
 Kind of a cold dreary to move cows. They were  happy to go tho.:)

 They will follow a tractor with silage in the scoop anytime!

 Watch you head when you walk by the pickups around here you never know what you will run into. They could fix fences everyday and most days they do.
 Sitting waiting for more cows. This time I was on the highway with my flashers on. One time waving a orange neck warmer and they still didn't stop!!!!!!! and hardly slowed down. Never going to do that again at 4:00 on a school day. They must not teach what blinking hazard lights are for in drivers Ed.
 This little buck hangs around our place.

 He even laid  down in the trees the other day just in back of the house while I was making Carmel rolls the other morning. This batch turned out why I can dump the ingredients in the  bread machine and it turns out but if I mix it up my self they end up in the garbage.

Bread machine dough better one or two?? Yeah I was just at the eye Dr  too!!! They were pretty much the same so no new glasses for me. Get it better one or 2 I guess you had to be there........
 That snow is all gone now and that's a good thing:)
 The 2 fawns were with him tool
 Thanks Rob for helping us with traffic control!!!  They slow down (kind of) for you!
They behaved pretty good.....................JMF

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