Sunday, November 3, 2013

What we came to Vegas for............

 The PBR Finals. They had a band, clown, cowboys and bulls what could be better???
 Flint, he's the best. We used to see him out at the Stock Show in Rapid City at the rodeos until the PRB paid him big bucks to just work for them!
 This was so funny  a skit about bull riding, the one on the left is comedian Gabriel Iglesia AKA Fluffy trying to teach bull riding.
 They had 2 of these big flags and the band Madison Rising singing the Star Spangled  Banner It was awesome.
 Hey there's JB Mauney the leader:)
 A kid form ND I think he rode one of the 2 bulls that weekend.
 Ben Jones from down under!! Dances like a crazy guy every time he rides 8 seconds. Only got to see him dance once that weekend.
 Renato Nunes always does a back flip from the top of the corral fence when he rides for 8. Only got to see that once too.
 Cue his song Bad to the Bone it just gets everyone excited and screaming when they play that song and announce JB Mauney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 and here's his score it puts him farther up in points because Silvano Alves got bucked off..
 And here's the line for a cab ride back to the hotel. It didn't take as long as we thought it would.
Cab after cab they should have made good money that night.......................JMF

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