Friday, November 29, 2013

Blog Hop winner!!!

1st order of busy is a great big thank you to everyone that visited and left comments on the Bog Hop post.
I started out replying to everyone but soon ran out of time and got behind so to the ones that I didn't get to 
here's and extra THANK YOU!!!
2nd is the announcement of the winner..... Oh by the way I made a couple more boy aprons.

I really like the blue camo it just matched the blue in water on this fabric.

 Equilter had free shipping a week or so ago and I couldn't resist these fabrics.

 I have been trying these out on the back of some denim jackets. So far just pinned to the back and hanging in the basement. I think I have to look at them awhile before I sew them on.
The guys were over an hour late for dinner on the day of the blog hop post. I was in a panic to get my post up so it was a good thing they were late.
 The winner of the Blog hop prize package is...........................
Debra Kay Neiman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be emailing her. I had so many comments on the doll sewing kit. I bought it just a couple of days before at The Pin Cushion quilt shop in Mitchell SD with the intention of giving it away at our quilt guild but then along came the blog hop:) She had pink, red, and blue ones.

Thankful for everything except maybe the wind today:)..............JMF

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Debra Kay Neiman said...

Oh, WOW!. I was just reading my bloglovin bloggers today and surprise! Thank you so much, I will go look at my e-mail.